The Vince Ray Experience
Vince wanted it simple to shop and to update the site. I put together a drag and drop shopping cart that is a breeze to use for him and his customers.

Liquid Gold Yoga
Rivca wanted the style of Asia for her site and something she could update form anywhere as she’s a woman on the move. So with her phone, pad or laptop she can share inspiration wherever and whenever she gets it.

511 Services
A local Maida Vale company that needed to update lots of site at the same time. Which is quite easy. Except the site they needed to update where not theres. I built some simple software that is like a window on their clients website looking back to 511’s.

Best UK DJ
As an entertainer TK who has a busy diary and needs to keep his fans up to date on where’s hot to hang out and where his next gig is going to be a site that will put out an update by text and update his Face Book page is important. The web site I built for him takes no time to get the message out..

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