Mobile dj TK was spending more time updating his site than he was cataloging his extensive music collection. So, as he said “I’m no computer expert, I need a website that I can update easily”.

I told him WordPress is what you want. It’s easy to update once I’ve set everything up!

What I didn’t realize was that TK was using his Xbox to get onto the internet and using his game controller to do the writing! So you can imagine my amazement that despite using “game technology” he’s still managing to update his site without any problem.

Take a look. Here’s the old version:

Screenshot from 2012-12-13 10:58:04 Here is the new version

Screenshot from 2012-12-13 10:57:49

Update multiple sites in an instant

“We need a system where we can update our banners on our clients’ sites!” was the task asked of me by 511 Services of London. 511 is a charity giving portal that wants to be able to respond to disasters straight away to cries for help and the generosity of those who want to support people in need. My solution was to build a simple software solution that lets 511 update the client website. If there is an Earthquake or Tsunami, 511 can have the “window to give” open across thousands of web sites, in seconds, without having to contact each websites’ technical department to make changes to their servers.

Flexible Web Design

Being agile in business Website creation means that when the client wants a change they can have it. Vince wanted a drag and drop shopping cart but the first one I put together for him was over speck for selling his artwork. It took just over an hour to find another solution and the site changed in an afternoon. All the artwork I had created for the first site popped into place with only minor changes here and there. Still a few bits to fix but that’s a job for Monday.

Have a look at The Vince Ray Experience and see how we are getting on.