Wild at Heart

Not local, Maida Vale websites are what I build most, but this client asked me to make up a shopping cart for his Rockabilly range of shot glasses, ashtrays and bone china mugs. Vince Ray is quite an artist and I do like his style. Most important for Vince is that the site shopping cart is easy to update. He has left the rest of the design up to me and I’m using the rich collection of artwork he has produced. Here is a picture mock-up of the site, which is the first stage of building a website for a small company.

Bit Coin News

WordPress have added BitCoin to the methods of payment it will accept. I have been accepting  BitCoin for about 18 months now and It’s good to see WordPress getting on board. With no transaction fees like PayPal or Credit Cards it makes a lot of sense.  If you haven’t heard about BitCoin I urge you to find out more.

Steam powered computer

I first got my hands on a computer back in 1979. It was a Commodore PET and had 8 kB of 8-bit RAM and a speed of 1 Mhz. As for a hard disk, you must be joking. This little baby didn’t even have a floppy disk, so all the programs I wrote had to be recorded onto a music cassette. The Internet is still 16 years into the future. I didn’t get access to a modem for another 3 years. It did go ‘beep’ though :-)

One thing of note is that it took no time to boot up. But that was because the operating software was built into the machine. You did have to wait for the screen to warm up before you could see the PC had started on its 12″ monochrome screen with 80×25 character graphics and a speed of 1 Mhz.

I’m writing this on a 677 Mhz Laptop with 4 Gb of RAM a 24-bit (16.7 million colours) 1280 x 800 screen and a 170 GB hard drive. But I still miss the old Pet.

I still write software +44 (0)79 4901 6767

Hello world!

“Hello World”

That’s the classic first response a programmer will get a new program to issue as a test to confirm the installation works – usually it prints to the screen. According to Wikipedia the first use of the “Hello World” response dates back to 1972. I didn’t get into computers until 10 years later when a computer arrived at the company I was working for. The stock reports produced by the computer were very badly laid out and I taught myself to re-program the software. The IBM pc had two 5.25 inch disks, a green screen and a dot matric printer and cost 2,000 GBP.